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The Social Media Baggage That Could Cost You a Fortune

People no longer need to travel thousands of miles for connection and experiences. With social media people across time zones can meet, share their moments, have their voices heard and even lead protest for a cause. Businesses and services can be brought directly to customers and potential customers through social media. While social media has changed the way we live positively in so many ways, it still comes with a baggage.

The baggage:

Have you heard of deep data mining? Deep data mining is the strategy of data collection that involves analyzing patterns as well as predicting and anticipating behavior and trends. This is one of the hottest areas in information technology that will influence human nature immensely. With data mining, social media activities keep affecting and will transform every walk of life in the nearest future. The baggage social media users will inherit is lack of control which is perilous. 

"The minute you hit 'send' on any SMS/Text, any Snap, Tweet or any digital media, you lose ownership of it ."- Mark Cuban

The information on your social media is used by companies to generate revenue by matching you with products and services based on your social media updates, friends, connections etc. Various institutions will use social media activities to predict the likelihood of a person's success or failure. For example, Colleges could deny admissions to a prospective student based on pictures deemed inappropriate by its standards, vulgar status updates and undermining videos of the student's social media account. Future employers will make offers to job applicants pending review of associations on social media. This means vetting a job applicant by social media pages liked, videos streamed, events attended, news feed, tags, groups and so on. The saying: show me your friends and I will tell you who you are will begin to manifest with the job applicant oblivious. Social media analysis and report will subtly be added to the professional and personal references column.
Data from social media activities will potentially be used for classification to make decisions on behalf of the social media account holder by banks, credit card companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and government. A person's habit will be determined from their social media report. People are defined by what they do on social media and create a report about them that will be used for accountability and decision making purposes. Whenever a person re-tweets, re-posts, tags, pins, follows and messages on social media that person leaves digital foot prints which will be used to break or build them. Information gathered from social media is used by government and public enterprises to understand the human nature more easily. The psychological profiles and personalities of individuals will be forecasted  and analyzed, the way pandora along with other music streaming applications recommend music and videos through favorite or frequently played list. Marketing and advertising agencies will detect a person's mood and supply contents that fit the mood using social media reports. Insurance companies and providers will use the social media report of an individual to make customer relationship management and risk management decisions which will wind up affecting premium and coverage. 

Getting rid of the baggage:

Humans perform the best when in control. Lack of control could be equated to disorientation, invasion and failure, to mention but a few. One advice from  tech wizard and serial entrepreneur, Mark Cuban is to frequently review and delete social media posts, likes, followers and other activities. This is a sure way to stay in control of your social media account and harness the positive powers of social media.

What will your social media report look like today? Always review your social media account and activities regularly and also be cautious of what you do and who is linked to you on social media. 
Social media could be leveraged to achieve positive results and success. On the other hand, social media could have negative impacts in your life. It all starts with one step. Take charge now.

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