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3 Types of People You should Know

types of people
The types of people you are surrounded by play a vital role in your success and progress in life. It is necessary for you to know the types of people you will come across in your lifetime.
Who are they? How can you identify them?
Here are the 3 types of people you should know :


Confidants are the type of people who are into you and for you. You can share anything with this type of people. Confidants are people who are in your life for the long haul. Confidants will always stir you towards the right direction. Confidants are the type of people who weep when you weep and rejoice when you rejoice. Your confidants will never leave you. 


This type of people are for what you are for. Your constituents are not for you rather they align with the things that you are in line with. Constituents are the type of people that will leave you the minute the things you represent are gone. Do not mistake your constituents for people who are for you.  


This type of people are against what you are against. They team up with you to help fight your enemies and the things you want to fight. Comrades will disappear when the victory is attained because they were never with you in the first place. Comrades are only in your life for an assignment.

This content is a synopsis of message from T.D. Jakes which I find very useful and decided to share. What do you think? Please leave comments and share to pass this on to your circle.   

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