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A Computer that Cooks

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Photo Source: June Oven
A new technology that makes cooking a great experience is now in the market. It is an intelligent oven that detects types of food using sensors and gives instructions on how to cook the food.
The name of the oven is June. It is computerized and thinks like a chef and engineered with safety in mind. It possesses precision sensors and computing power greater than some laptops.
June is built with six advanced carbon fiber heating elements which gives it the capacity to reach peak power in under 5 seconds. June comes with a built in digital scale that weighs the food you put inside to help recommend the perfect cooking program.
The operating system is automatically updated (over the air update). This oven has a high definition camera for advanced food recognition.

It also comes with parental controls and can be controlled remotely from your smart phone and other smart devices. It has a built-in WiFi and users can be notified at different stages of the cooking process.
The founders of June are Matt Van Horn and Nikhil Bhogal. And they are currently hiring, for anyone interested in being part of this technology that is transforming the way food is cooked.
Check it out here.
Source: Juneoven

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