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High Income Tech Jobs with No College Degree

High Paying jobs with no college
No college degree? You do not have to worry because there are tech jobs that do not require any college degree and can pay you as much as, or even higher than some jobs that need a college degree. 

Here are a few:
  • Surgical Technologist 

Surgical Technologists work in hospital operating rooms and assist doctors during surgical processes. To be a Surgical Technologist you only need to obtain a postsecondary certificate. 

According to the U.S Department of Labor, the median pay for surgical technologists was $41,790 per year or $20.09 per hour in May 2012 and employment is projected to grow 30% up by 2022.


  • Computer User Support Specialist

Serve as help desk assistance for computer uses. This is a user support role that doesn't require any knowledge of rocket science to get into. Employees in this position assist with computer trouble shooting and user guide. 

The median pay for Computer User Support Specialists is $47,610 per year or $22.89 in May 2014. There is demand for this position across diverse industries. 

  • Web Developer

On average Web Developers bring in $62,500 per year. Web developers are responsible for the designing and creating of websites. You do not need a college degree to become one. All you need to do is take courses from w3schools, Udemy, Coursera and other online learning sites. Employment is projected to grow up to 20% by 2022 according to U.S Department of Labor.

  • Database Administrator

DBAs specialize in data storage and organization for institutions and businesses using various algorithms and software. Median pay for this position is about $77,000 per year or $36 per hour with less than five years experience in related field. You can learn some DBA skills like SQL from online web tutorial sites. DBA jobs are projected to grow up to 15% by 2022 according U.S Department of Labor. 

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