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Reaching the Finish Line

finish line

Reaching the finish line is a very rewarding and major milestone in any life event.  Life is full of challenges and at some point in your life, you will feel like giving up in the middle of the process or even before you get started.  What are you seeking in your life? What have you always wanted to do? 

Here are a few steps in making your dream a reality and reaching the finish line: 

Have a purpose

It is necessary to know that you need a purpose to reach the finish line. Without a purpose there will be no need to even try. Lack of purpose can be compared to getting in your car and driving around without making any plans or having any idea of where you are headed. You have to know why it is worth it to reach the finish line. Do not do anything until you have come to resolution with the purpose of your journey.

Set Standards

You have to know when to say no to distractions. Stand up to yourself and set your own rules for the process. The standards you set will make you standout among the crowd. Make it your responsibility to fight through the end. Your standards will define what you can accommodate. Write your standards down as you embark on any project. 


Believe that you can have whatever you want. You have to trust yourself and see the possibilities rather than the limitations. Believe in yourself even when others do not believe in you. Accept the possibilities and discard the impossibilities in getting that which you seek. 


You have to get started. Stop procrastinating, just pick up your boots and hit the ground. The only way to give yourself a chance at living your dreams is by getting started. 

Track yourself

During the process of getting to the finish line, you need to track yourself. Tracking yourself gives you access to better utilization of the unlimited power you have in you to achieve the maximum within the most attainable time. Set a timeline and measure your progress. Write down your timeline and map your progress. 


Operate out of your imagination and you will propel yourself to the finish line before you know it. Use your mind-sight and not your eyesight. Your eyesight sees weakness and limitations,  but your mind-sight sees your strength and the finish line. Take some time and picture getting that which you seek in abundance. Envision the celebration and how it will feel like when you finally get what you are longing for. 


To reach the finish line you have to be relentless. You need to be committed to reaching the finish line. Without commitment you will not keep your agreement to reach the finish line. Commitment means that no excuse is acceptable. Commitment holds you accountable to the standards you have set to reach the finish line. 

Remember, you cannot get the MEDAL unless you reach the FINISH LINE. Apply the steps above and take ownership of your life now! 

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