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You can take selfies with Nissan's concept car

Teatro-for-dayz Good news for selfie lovers. Does this mean we will no longer be needing selfie sticks?  Nissan's concept car -Teatro for dayz is designed with the digital native generation in mind. 
This hi-tech vehicle is loaded with display screens. The motives behind this mobile technology is the next generation's freedom and ability to capture and share picture or video experiences  with friends while driving. The next generation customers will no longer feel disconnected from friends while driving. 

This car will meet the lifestyle of the cradle to internet generation that no longer need to wait till teenage or adult stage to own smart devices, gaming platforms and social media accounts. 

Nissan wants Teatro for dayz to serve as a canvas for inspiration of the next generation share natives and redefinition of mobility.

Check out more pictures of Teatro for dayz below:

Nissan Concept Car

Nissan Teatro for dayz

Nissan Teatro for dayz

Nissan Teatro for dayz

Nissan Teatro for dayz

Source: Nissan News

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  1. Pretty neat. I'd like one myself

  2. This HID provision is the best in the market so far and can be overtaken by any other lighting system at least for now nissan titan lighting mods