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Passion: What You Need to Know

how to develop passion
The need for passion can never be over emphasized. Not many people understand the real meaning of passion, hence leading to the under-estimation and inappropriate use of the word. Passion is often used interchangeably with desire and obsession by most people. Many associate passion with dreams, goals, love, feelings and so on.
While these correlations of passion might be correct to certain extents; here are a few things to know about passion:
  • Passion is not conscious - passion does not care about what people will say or do. It does not know the time of the day and what the weather looks like -rain, sunshine and what have you.
  • Passion consumes - ask the worker who puts in over 12 - 15 hours a day without differentiating work from fun. 
  • Passion is a volcano - it erupts and explodes uncontrollably. You just have to let it happen and plan for the outcome.
  • Passion knows no limits - it is stubborn and unstoppable
  • Passion is a powerful force - igives you energy that keeps you going
  • Passion is a fuel - it supplies power which produces energy that keeps you going.You become nothing when you run out of it. 
    • Passion is consistent - it never deviates from the track and burns steadily when ignited.
    • Passion seeks perfection - it strives for nothing but the best. This could be positive or negative. Any artist can relate to this. 
    • Passion Navigates - the interesting thing about passion is that it directs you even when you have no idea. 
    • Passion creates pleasure, joy and happiness - look at Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk or any other entrepreneur that has had success doing what they love.
    • Passion can be painful, frustrating and provoking - ask a dancer or ballerina practicing with bleeding toes yet never thinks of giving up.
    • Passion is nurtured - for a tree to be grow, a seed needs to be planted, watered, given light and staked.
    • Passion transforms - the effect of passion is felt because it changes and builds people into who they never were. 
    Passion is like the air we breathe, you can feel it but can't touch it and you need it to stay alive. 

    Passion can be ignited, extinguished and rekindled. 

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