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Time: The Rich Buy while The Poor Sell

how the rich get richer
One of the things the rich and the poor have in common is time. Both have 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. Have you ever noticed how time flies when you have are busy or how time crawls on a slow day? We often hear the saying: time is money. He who has time has no money; he who has money has no time. 

This statement lies in the observation of how the rich and the poor see and handle time. 
The rich buy time while the poor sell time. If this is not the case, why is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? 

Here are some observations: 

  • The rich understand the benefit of doing what you should do tomorrow today where as the poor procrastinate.
  • The rich know that time is a gift which is why they give it to people that matter where as the poor do not care about who takes up their time.
  • The poor know that time flies but the rich understand that they are the captain in charge of the flight.
  • The rich buy time to spend with those they love and cherish the poor sell theirs at the expense of those they love and cherish.
  • The rich know that your quality of life depends on the way you spend your time; the poor have not figured this out. 
  • The rich realize that there is no perfect moment so they strive to make the moment perfect. However, the poor are still waiting for 'the perfect moment'. 
  • The rich know that time is irreplaceable but the poor think they can always recover time lost. 
A few scenarios of how the poor sell time and the rich buy time:
  • The poor will skip reunions, birthdays and important dinners because they were procrastinating and could not catch up on what they had to do. Conversely, the rich will do all it takes to get done with everything they have to do; ahead of schedule to allow them time to attend anniversaries, networking events, personal development courses etc. 

  • The poor will chose to be someone's leisure-time or extra-time but the rich know what their time is worth and they choose people who make them their priority, people who will help them reach their goals and people who will add value to their lives. This way the rich stay on track and ahead of others 

  • The poor give most of their time talking about other people's issues and neglecting theirs. Where as, the rich spend a bulk of their time dissecting their issues and past failures, writing down lessons learned,brainstorming ideas and analyzing come-back strategies for positive results in the future. Thus, cutting down the future time allocated to deal with similar issues if they repeat.  

The rich do not have more time and the poor do not have less. The variance here is the philosophy and utilization of time by both parties. 

Food for thought: Time is a commodity. Are you buying or selling yours?

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