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5 Things to Drop With the Year 2015

Goals Change Busy TypeAs we wrap up the year 2015, we also need to do our due diligence to ensure that we do not move our unwanted belongings into the new house (2016). Regardless of  our experiences and circumstances this year, the most important thing to remember is that we are blessed to be alive right now.

Here are 5 things we need to drop with the year 2015:

1. Procrastination

"Procrastination is opportunity's assassin." - Victor Kiam

2. Fear

Fear robs you of your opportunity to reach the next level.
How to conquer your fear.

3. Laziness

Laziness is a handicap to your ambition.

4. Blame

"When you blame others you give up power to change" - Robert Anthony

5. Distractions

"Distractions destroy action. if it is not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone." - Jermaine Riley

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