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The New Beginning

Humans are the only specie that will do less than they possibly can. This means that we are the only form of life that will settle for less. 

A tree never grows half the size it could, it grows as tall as it possibly can. Trees send their roots as deep as possible and stretch their limbs as far as possible.

Even as humans, we never choose to grow half way physically. We keep growing until we are done. You know why? Physical growth is the only part of life we cannot control because it is genetically coded. The rest of our growing is what we can control, i.e our mind, our resources etc. 

Taking these 3 actions will change everything: 

1. Despise

Despise is a very strong dislike. In order to put an end to any situation or lifestyle that we are not happy with, we need to develop the 'ENOUGH is ENOUGH' mentality.

We need to have a feeling of disgust for any unpleasant occurrence we are experiencing. To have a new beginning, we have to say: I am fed up with this lifestyle; I cannot stand being at the bottom anymore. 

2. Decide

When we decide, we make a choice from a number of alternatives. Humans are the only form of life empowered with the power to make a choice. The power to choose makes us unique from all other forms of life.

We can choose to be part of what we could be, or all of what we could be. Your parachute will not open until you jump.

Our lives today is as the result of the decisions we have made so far.

3. Commit

Commitment means no excuses accepted. We need to develop the 'relentless' mentality. Resolve to never quit until you win. Commit to doing all it takes, going as far you possibly can and never giving up.

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